LLD Monk build... aww yea.

I bet there isn't to many lld builds out there yet.. check this one out.
Lack Luster Damage?

I saw Tempest Rush so i assumed no damage. also saw no runes on most of those skills. So again no damage or utility.

we are noobs for not knowing about an acronym that holds no relevance to D3 or SC2.

If it was a D2 thing then cool, never bothered ever doing them thus never hearing about them because lld's sounds pointless. So gg all mighty knowing of worthless video game acronym's guy.

gaflyn. lhtsyfp. oabtwym.

wrap your head around those for a minute and come up with something useful.
Go and free love your nuts.

Let's have the same Yiddish ferret pancakes.

Oh and by the way your mom.
Go and free love your nuts.

Let's have the same Yiddish ferret pancakes.

Oh and by the way your mom.

Love the first one. but wasn't what i thought.

your second choice is funny.

And i can't believe you got the last one right. Lol. You have found yourself a worshiper Bluewolf. hehe That is awesome you figured that out.
Lol, LLD - Low Level Dueler, was a D2 thing.

VLLD - Very Low Level Dueler, was level 9.

LLD had 2 brackets, level 18 & 30

MLD - Mid Level Dueler, were level 49

The reasoning behind these numbers was namely because there was a lot of gear available at these various levels that allowed players to create effective builds that could compete against much higher leveled characters (ie: highest level my 18 pally killed was an 85 necro). Its kind of hard to really come up with an LLD build seeing as we have no information on any of the items at the moment. Although if you were going off of the old D2 standards your build seems to be for level 20, and not 18.

03/09/2012 01:35 AMPosted by Apples
Yeah, you are a noob if you don't know what LLD is. It's an acronym from Diablo 2. This is a forum for Diablo 3. If you don't know much about the Diablo series then it makes you a noob on a Diablo related forum.

that... or i never bothered doing duels for all the years i played D2. There were never an interest to me.
sounds like low-level dueling just became mid-to-high level dueling on account of the pvp delay...lol
it wont matter until the PvP patch is released and seeing as D3 release date has not even been announced, my guess is it will be later than we think.
my best lld kill was my 30 charger 1 shotting a 74 zealot paladin with an 294 eth up'd bonesnap. i envy that 85 kill =)

you left out the lvl 15 bracket as well for the 9-10 life charms!
rofl Archangel

I'm disappointed about #2 though...thought I had it

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