Sweeping wind. Why are you so weak....

03/06/2012 09:20 PMPosted by blitzkrieg
Its math, and even before release, has already been proven.
I would like to examine this math to see whether or not the person took into consideration the dmg loss when stacks drop. Please don't tell me people actually think these stacks will be up at the start of fights...

Is it a matter of solely comparing both skills' damage potential? Because thats a very simple answer.

Sweeping Wind will ALWAYS have more damage potential, whether you're attacking single or multiple targets.

Nope, did you miss the dmg calculations earlier? Does NOT do more dmg then crippling wave, it does LESS AND crippling has a debuff. Hence the conclusion that anyone that uses the skill without using other generators to get to the 3rd hit aren't reading the numbers. I really don't think it packs enough punch considering it uses combo 3rd hits and takes an additional skill slot. IF you had a SPECIFIC build that you had no more spirit spending capability(being used for other things), and could spare some combo 3rd hits, then it might work. Quite niche if you ask me, I'm really not impressed but I'm open to ideas. Maybe 5 seconds is A LOT better than it sounds? Maybe crippling is just OP when Aoe is concerned and comparing them is somehow not fair(seems perfectly fair to me)? One could take S.W. on top of crippling, but would the S.W. stacks and LOSS of a SKILL slot be better then just using crippling's debuff and upfront dmg....
As expected, S.W. patch 14 has been changed :P
Ya they fixed it. You can now turn it on as your heading into a fight and it no longer eats up combo 3rd hits, MUCH BETTER.

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