Low Level Monk Builds

Just wanted to see how I'd play my first 14 levels on a Monk.


I guess the idea here would be to generate spirit hitting twice with FoT and then a third time with Exploding Palm to get the bleed effect off and hopefully explosion.

LTK for a bit of AoE. Dashing strike for some mobility. And to top it off a mantra of evasion, unless I find that I'm taking no damage, then I'd swap it for Blinding Flash or Tempest Rush.


My current level 14 BETA build.

Everything is to easy for beta so this is more fun then worrying about defense.

Blind is huge for large groups and to just have your way with them. Never have a need for more than 1 spirit generator.

I prefer the speed over dodge because you dont have to worry about dodge with MoE

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