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Since it is not available on pre-order. Do you plan on releasing the separate items that come with the CE at your Blizzard Store?
I can't find the price on the ce. I'm getting 150-99? Can we get any clarity there?
What do you mean releasing the separate items?

Are you talking about the unique dyes, the tyreal wings and such? I hope the answer to that is an emphatic NO, otherwise what is the point of having a collector's edition?

Collectors editions are COLLECTOR'S editions.

It was available for pre-order 6 months ago. You can't just buy the individual parts to it.
The CE is defiantly available for preorder and has been for quite some time. It is however a retail outlet only item which means it cant be bought from blizzard itself. Also given how long it has been on preorder and how limited the quantities are going to be many retailers have stopped taking preorders as they have sold as many as they are going to get. An as for the price it should have been 99.99usd or at least that's what i saw at most retailers
Reason I asked about price was most places said 99.99 is purely a place holder until prices are set in stone. Anyways that's what I gathered from my limited research. I preordered my ce a while ago and now they have a release I was going to go pay it off

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