Diablo 3 DLC?

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im trying to convince my skeptical friend that he should buy D3 with me so we can play. he played d2 and got pretty far, halfway through hell or something. but after having a bad experience with battle.net 2.0 and the no offline mode, hes skeptical that he will have to buy some sort of DLC (expac already accounted for) in the future in order to keep up which is basically making him not want to buy the game.

does anyone know if there is confirmation on whether this is or isnt true so i can tell him? is it going to be like SC2, buy it once and thats it?
I think you will find the only thing you have to pay for after the initial copy of DE are xpacks and RMAH items. I think blizz plans on getting most of their money from the RMAH so DLC will be in the form of free patches.
DLC = Expansion - Yes...

Otherwise No, you won't have to pay for the patchs in between. At least I'm pretty sure they haven't changed their policy... Sc2 acts in this way...
Has Blizzard ever released DLC for any of their games?
I think it's all been games, expansions, and merchandising.
i guess i should clarify that i know dlc technically means anythng you download, i meant stuff you have to buy, similar to how almost every console game is.

while i havnt seen them do this with any games before, he brings up a good point of the starcraft 2 map marketplace they are trying to develop. although imo that doesnt quite count.
No Jacanos it is not like that.

Blizzard packages a legit expansion pack...

Map market place is not DLC. It is a map market place. Just like RMAH is not DLC, it is an item market place.
inb4 blizzard releases exclusive items on the auction house
If Blizzard has started putting out DLC for the public, then the great Tower of Babel has fallen.

that actually makes a ton of sense. ty

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