An Idea for Items and names.

Items and Crafting
I could not find this on any of my searches for the forums, but I thought I would throw this idea out. If it was already discussed, I am sorry. With all of the items, it would be pretty cool to be able to do a name on them. It could allow the player the option to quickly swap between "treasure finding items" and "boss thrashing" items. It could also be used to differentiate between the different skill sets or attacks they want to use. Last, if you can add a name to a weapon, you can say my "Bill Thrasher" axe killed you as a way to rub it in. The names would obviously not transfer if you sold or traded them and would have no real benefit beyond this (although there might be potential). What do you think?
Skyrim lets you name your items if you enchant them, and that's really cool. Diablo, however, has always named the items itself. It comes up with some really good ones, too, like "Corpse Barb" and "Raven Impaler".

Automatically/randomly-generated item names have always been a fun part of the Diablo style, and I expect it to stay that way. Plus, user-created item names would often be stupid, it's unavoidable.

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