Evaluate my build - Heavy AOE damage


My main attack with this build would be CS--> BoH --> LTK (with extra knockback) to do a heavy damage nuke, followed by LTK to get out of a situation where I'm surrounded by monsters. Due to Chant of Resonance and Exalted soul, I should have plenty of spirit to complete use this attack. Dashing strike should also help me to get out of a "surrounded" situation.

This build is meant to be aggressive, hence the lack of any defensive spells except for BoH.

My only concern with this build is that this build is major on the AoE, but I fear how it would fare against some of the bosses.

TLDR: This is an agressive monk build with a lot of spirit and a major AoE attack, but I am concerned with how it would fare against bosses.
I agree it won't be that great vs a boss and also I think you will have some spirit generation problems as you have 5 spells that eat spirit and only one that gives you it back. The spirit regen issue might change depending on what spirit regen items the game has I guess. I'm kinda under the impression that monks will want 2 good spirit gen abilitys currently but I have yet to play beta or see high end content.

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