AH and RMAH may ruin game?

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No. It will make it more conveniant to trade.
03/24/2012 05:39 PMPosted by D3BETA
No. It will make it more conveniant to trade.

It will make make trading easier. As it was greatly flawed in D2. It was impossible to get the items you wanted.
Not a chance.

If you could get all the best on the AH for 1 gold it wouldn't ruin the game. Why?

Because the AH's are completely optional and not necessary to be successful.
If I don't want to buy more power and instead earn it as it drops, I can absolutely do so.
the trading system was horrible the gaming community just built a pseudo AH anyways with SOJ as the currency. trading wasn't really based on trading and item for an item it was based on a tangible currency everyone was familiar with and could gauge a worth of something by that currency. The only difference is you had to spend time and haggle and make a game and wait for someone to come in because of an advertised game name.

with the AH youll be able to turn your items into a more recognizable and easier to guage currency and get what you want without spending hours trying to track someone down that has it and actually play the game.
i agree, you will get your !@# kicked by some little boy with money cause he spend a lot in-game gear :( and you will need months to loot that gear
I've been enjoying the AH, actually. Fun to see what kind of loot other people are finding. Sadly it all costs about 20x as much as the gold I have.
Whether items flood the market depends on how Blizzard manages drop rates and salvaging. The RMAH ultimately doesn't have an effect that a regular AH wouldn't have done already.

If rare items are kept rare, I highly doubt that people will put them up for a measly $5. I know if I had found a one-in-a-million chance item, I would charge AT LEAST several hundred dollars for it. I honestly find it hard to believe that we will see more than a tiny handful of people who buy 100% of their gear with real money.
I see the RMAH lowering the longevity of the game substantially. My reasoning is based upon this

My first time through D2 I played for about 2 years. During this time I spent about majority of my time farming and the rest in chat and trade games.

My second time through D2 lasted about a week because me and my friend bought most of our items from 3rd party sources. During this time I mabey farmed twice but why spend countless hours farming for items that have 1-10000 chance of dropping if you can just go buy them.

Buying items gives you no sense of accomplishment or pride (epeen) which are the two things that gives MMOs and all online games the insane longevity that they have.

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