How to build a a good Monk?(!)

How do you build your monk. In order to find the best practices and methods I say we create a database of how people build successful skill sets. Do you pick up skills you think you'd fancy aesthetically and work around said skills to overcome your weakness' etc...

The way i build skill sets is to start with either a mantra or set of passives, and from there I synergize my skills to make these "themes" stronger. example might look like...!!...Z to start.!WZg!...Z step 2.!WZg!ccaZab the ending result.

This being a dodge build.

note that I always use mystic Ally, because its aesthetically pleasing.
Step 1: Desperately try to not pick skills based on aesthetic qualities.

Step 2: Fail at Step 1.

Step 3: Pretty!

Step 4: Dead...
I pick what I think are going to be the strongest damage and strongest defensive abilities or core combinations of abilities and then synergize/balance from there. I try to have a balanced approach and not be too heavily offensive of defensive in my approach.

Just as an example, this combo!..a!.....c gives good sustained damage and defense. But so does this!!a . Also, I think Spirit focused builds have some good potential ala!..c!..Y..Z

Based simply on my own experimentation with the calculator, I am finding out that I prefer 1 generator, 1 damage spender, 3 defense spenders, 1 mantra, and almost without exception, the passive One With Everything. I have posted lots of different builds and just about all of them have been changed/nerfed with every patch but this is the one I like the best as of right now.!UaZ!bcbacc
skills that are a must for monks.!!..c

Any Monk hoping to be on a team needs to use these skills. Either Serenity or Inner Sanc.

The crowd control of these skills is a huge help and bonus to your allies. Preventing damage is just as good as dealing damage.

Mastodon has it in his build. I plan on using it as well.

Full support with healing:!afX!cbcbab

More aggressive:!aZX!Zbcbba

But there are tons of different combinations to bolster the attack of your generator. You generators are what you are wanting to make as strong as possible because they will be what you use most for attacking.

Crippling Wave 215%-240% wd per hit.!afX!abcbba

builds like this will come in handy

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