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Hey guyz, need some help to improve this build. Basically u gather as much mobs as u can, than calltrops -> evasive fire -> multishot till no hatred -> preparation -> than cycle multishot till 0 hatred and preparation. If enemies survive and get near, repeat cycle all again.
I add some bola shot (acid strike) to single target burst, it was imo the best dmg with no absurd cost since 3 bolas x130% dmg does more dmg than most of other high cost skills. Got also some shadow power to restore health in case u got some dmg gathering enemies. About passive skills i got cull the weak to 15% extra dmg, archery (plaining to use bow) to extra 15% dmg, and brooding to some good hp regen.
cull of the weak is worthless since you have no slows.
03/20/2012 01:37 PMPosted by D3BETA
cull of the weak is worthless since you have no slows.

The Caltrops will slow.
I would personally focus on using crossbows with Danetta's Fury and Danetta's Rage, or Natalya's Redemption and something else. I guess it just comes down to what you want: more damage or more critical chance...since this build is more focused on attracting and then super-oh-my-god-damage as fast as possible, it makes sense that you would use a high level bow.
Thanks for sharing.

If you are open to using a different weapon set, here's another possible direction you can take. (minimal changes)

This direction would be more based on high crit chance (which should go nicely with Multishot) to use with Night stalker which, in turn will boost even more discipline to keep Shadow Power Up, Cast more Caltrops, and most importantly... further ensure that Preparation always has enough juice. While all this is happening you gain the benefit of much higher crit rates. In a nutshell, you'd be going for more damage from Sharpshooter and less reliance from Caltrops for damage. Regardless of tactical positioning. Details below...

10% crit chance from using dual bows from Archery. + 3% crit chance every other second from Sharpshooter get you roughly under 12-13%. (I'm sure the math folk could be more precise.)

Crit chance from gear and weapons = ? (let's just say 15%? shouldn't be impossible.)
So we got around a total of 28% chance per arrow to do critical damage. That's every arrow on Mutlishot carrying a 25-28% chance payload of ouch! (I'm sure most people here believe you can get an even better crit gear build going, this is just a conservative number I'm throwing out.)

Some humble suggestions...

Passive Slot 1: Take out Brooding. 5 seconds is a LONG time in a fight, and you WILL be getting hit. Replace with: Night stalker. It will give you more benefits from the crit upgrade I suggested... 2 discipline per crit.

Passive Slot 2: Take CtW off. (it's good... but only IF those enemies are on the trap- that's a positional weakness.) Replace with Sharpshooter: 3% crit every second.!XTe!bbYZZZ

I am mostly basing this on not liking the fact that an enemy has to be on a Caltrop to get the Passive slot benefit of Cull the Weak. Enemies will attack multi-directional and pop up out of the ground etc.

You could stick with a bow and try this out to get a little benefit of each going on. All you have to do is switch weapons since Archery passive works with the 3 types of bows.

Can't wait to try out all the variants of this build out!

Edit: for clarity.

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