My farming build - feedback?

Demon Hunter!aXh!ZYcYZY

Rain of Vengeance - Heavy DPS to deal with elites.
Strafe - Mobile, general-purpose damage distributor, and perfect barrel breaker.
Multishot - Designated AoE for clearing most packs.
Ferret Companion - No brainer for additional GF and gold pickup.
Punishment - For the lack of hatred generators.
Vault - To escape sticky situations, and to move across the map quickly.

Tactical Advantage - Combined with the rune of Vault, this will allow you to move from packs to packs in lightning fast speed.
Night Stalker - As Strafe and Multishot hits so many targets per second, this passive will nicely supplement your discipline regeneration so that you can always use Punishment and Vault whenever needed.
Ballistics - Both Strafe and Multishot has great rocket-related runes.

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