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Not sure if this has been asked, or answered yet but here goes:

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what level corresponds to each tier. I know they start in act 1 normal, and continue to act 4 inferno, but what I figure is that level 60 gear will be say... a minimum of tier 10. So that tier 10-16 is all level 60, or something along those lines. Does anyone know?
Where did you hear this? I dont doubt I just want to read about it.

Should it be true, that is disappointing. I don't think that allows for enough variance. Only 3 levels prices for gear? I hardly see how there will be "super rare" with 3 tiers.. unless I'm not understanding something correctly.
Inferno is all one difficulty, so any tier can drop at any act in inferno.

My issue is that this limits the amount of gear 60s can have. I think they would benefit from like 5-6 tiers at level 60... 1-3 tiers as entry level, 1-2 super good ones. And then one extraordinary tier that is almost NEVER seen. Since they say this type of gear DOES exist, that only leaves 2 tiers of gear for the majority of all level 60s to use. Seems dumb imo.
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Inferno is all one difficulty, so any tier can drop at any act in inferno

I believe that is incorrect. I am pretty confident that the absolute best items do not start dropping until the later acts of Inferno. I could be wrong but I think I remember Jay Wilson or somebody saying something along the lines of what I am claiming.

Not sure how familiar you are with Diablo item rolls but you can find 500 archon plates for example. Of these lets say the top 5 archon plates of these are literally 10x as powerful as the bottom 5.

I'm very familiar with the diablo franchise and I know what you mean. But since diablo 3 is throwing away runes (which incorporated 95% of all "rare" and good items), I think there needs to be a wider range of item levels. No matter how you cut it, a perfect unique item in D2 was generally not as good as many of its runeword same slot items.

And yes, inferno is flat difficulty. I know this for a fact.
Ok, it seems like people don't understand what tier is in D3 because it has nothing to do with WoW.

The tier you all have seen is just what the armor will look like. Each tier is made of pieces of ranked gear all the way up into inferno. Tier is not a set, it is just what a piece from that rank will look like. If you go to the game guide items page, you can see the artwork icon of the armor pieces, and they match pieces from the tiers.

Similarly this was in Diablo 2, but ranks of the artwork there did not belong to a set. Duskshroud looked different than an Archon plate. I would assume the tier artwork is not the only armor looks in the game. There are some unique armor which are returning like Tyreal's might which is blue and may have its own armor look.

I would guess they correspond to the difficulty of the game. Lower level armor you would not want to have it look like end game armor sets. and vice versa.

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