Ice/Lightning build

I was trying to make a good build featuring ice only or lightning only, but I kinda struggle as Ice is lacking in the signature departement while lightning was lacking in AP spenders spells. So I came up with a hybrid Ice/Lightning build that I find pretty interesting.

here it is:!VcY!aYYZZa

As you can see this build is featuring Blizzard and Hydra as your AP spenders since we know we wont be able to stack blizzard over one another I felt like Hydra would be a nice addition to the build. Because both have some duration value when you cast them, it shouldn't be too much taxing on your AP.
I choose the lightning Hydra over Frost hydra because I already had that ice type of damage from blizzard that would chill the monsters... so double chilling them would be just a waste. It is true that with Black Ice it would have had some damage bonuses, but I felt like the lightning version of hydra was better and this is why i choose it and grabbed Paralysis passive instead.

ChainLightning runeskill is pretty obvious as a way to hit the most target possible for Paralysis to takes effect. I also choose Magic Weapon(Electrify) again for that synergy with Paralysis.

Frost Nova act as another way to immobilise monsters to be able to keep them under blizzard and hydra range.

The + critical hit from Frost nova and Energy Armor will be especially good if it's working as blizzard said a year ago: when doing a crit with Ice it would freeze target and when doing so with lightning it would stun target.

Let me know what you think of this build.
As far as most of us know crits aren't adding any sort of special effect like that any longer.

However, I'm surprised you didn't note that your build would do exceedingly well with ap per crit. You would actually be served best to switch prodigy to Black Ice and just get a ton of ap/crit. Your electrocute should always crit at least once when there are that many targets.

Generally I'd suggest Spectral Blade Thrown Blade over Electrocute for all builds, but paralysis will help with it, although Spectral Blade will have 3x the chance to crit for each target hit, and will proc Magic Weapon more often.

I'm not sure whether electrify will proc off elemental spells or not. If it doesn't then Spectral Blade becomes somewhat mandatory. Also if you have a lightning damage 1h it is best for ap per crit + lightning damage proc builds.

I'd be most concerned with the fact that after the blizzard duration buffs it's possible you don't need any more than base AP regen. Hydra is 40 every 15 seconds (4/15ths of total base regen over 15 seconds), Blizzard now lasts 6 seconds per cast. With the same rune in blizzard it'll require 135 AP every 18 seconds. With the duration extending rune or AP cost reducing rune you can quite easily remove both the need for ap per crit and the need for prodigy.

Of course you could always cast more blizzards on a wider area, or reposition hydra.

Bleh, I say it's fine as is for a lightning build. The question is whether or not that proc is worth everything you lose to get it. And of course, energy armor can be switched with Storm Armor's Scramble for more lightning chances. It's crit isn't really necessary for much and 65% armor may not be the most useful thing for you - easy to switch it out with any armor or spell really. Galvanizing Ward is a very good combo for any kind of kiting/cc build just to cover any incidental damage you end up taking. Ranged missiles are going to be somewhat of an issue for your build. You will end up taking a lot without Slow Time/WoF unless you get the right positioning to dodge them all.
Also check out shock pulse's Living Lightning and consider that electrify doesnt' add too many chances at the proc in comparison to just doing 10% more damage and knocking back.
At least you pointed me out that blizzard is now 6 sec duration which changed what I had in mind, I verified on the last patch note and you are absolutetly right about that one. Then i'll have to get a replacement for Prodigy.

There are some other good points you mentionned, some of which are not bad but are tradeoff... I gess I'll have to test them when the game comes out to know which one I prefer, I'm not too sure about changing Electrocute. As for Storm Armor I was already realy wanting it (either Scramble or Shocking Aspect), but I choose Energy Armor for the sake of staying alive against range attacks as i'll be able to dodge many missile but maybe not all of them. I'll have to test that one too.

03/21/2012 02:14 PMPosted by Heratli
You would actually be served best to switch prodigy to Black Ice and just get a ton of ap/crit.

What do you mean by getting a ton of ap/crit with Black Ice, I dont get it?
It's kind of disappointing we don't have a big lightning skill. Maybe they'll get rid of an arcane spell (or change the damage type) for it. All we have is electrocute and hydra. (no storm armor doesn't count lol).

3 out of our 4 secondary skills maintain the arcane damage type.

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