Massively OP Build: Frost Mages in D3!


1. Ray Of Frost w/ COLD BLOOD
Free 200% damage attack that is better than Disentegrate. OP, much?
2. Meteor w/ COMET
Doesn't need an explanation.
3. Frost Nova w/ Bone Chill
Your Frost Mage AOE stun that increases the damage done to targets in it. O to the P.
4. Slow Time w/ Time Warp.
Ok, I admit I'm experimenting with it. I haven't really seen its full potential yet.
5. Teleport w/ Reversal
WoW mage Blink...with the option to blink right back. Blink, nova, blink out. OH PEE
6. Diamond Skin w/ Crystal Shell
Another one I am experimenting with. I haven't seen its full potential..but 20k miti. sounds OP to me.
Astral Presence. More AP? More regen? Sure, I'll take one.
Evocation: Ok, this one I need your feedback on. I don't know how good it is.
Black Ice: Same thing as a frost mages'. If a target is nova'd, he's gonna be taking 35%+ more damage.

Sound's awesome to me.

Feedback is appreciated.
Fixed, realized that Diamond skin might not be that great!XWU!YYcZbb
Ray of Frost is not free. It is a display bug on the skill calculator. In the beta the Cold Blood rune reduces Ray of Frost to 12 AP.
Ray of frost is single target. Disintegrate goes through mobs.

Also Ray of Frost is 12AP, the tooltip is simply wrong.
Be right back trying to hurt cold resistant mobs.!cTX!YZbaYZ

The build i wanted to try looks like yours, but works in a different way.

Slow the ennemies with Ray of Frost, teleport near then use meteor, teleport back(reversal),
spam arcane orb. In need of Arcane, spam Magic missile.
Cold resist? lol
I like the build.

Massively OP? No. Fun, interesting, and most likely viable? Yes. Interesting use of cooldowns and evocation this build has a lot of synergy. But like others have said, Ray of frost goes down to 12 ap, which with astral presence means the only ap you'll be gaining is from crits with + crit gear when you use it. It'd be interesting to see how it works out.
Nothing OP about it.

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