Does anyone have anything positive to say!!!

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So I've been checking blizzards page daily ever since the release date was first announced. I've come to realize that most people posting forums are either being a troll or just or just plain ignorant. Why are people still complaining about a game that first of all hasn't come out yet And second havent played the damn game only beta (maybe). I'm tired of hearing crap About inferno not being linear and loot is going to suck. I'm tired of Wow players complaining about pvp and the arenas. I don't play WoW but I'll tell you one thing diablo will never be like WoW... Get over it. Blizzard learned from letting too many people give useless insight of there game for 10 Years and pretty much thats why it was nerfed with people complaining. This reminds me when they asked George Lucas if he was going to make another star wars movie and he said "no" simply because no matter what he does the fans are still going to !@#$%. the game will still be amazing and even if there flaws in the game they will be fixed period. I believe in blizzards decisions because they are the best at what they do. if you don't like it don't buy it!
I couldn't find anything positive in this.
I have been saying plenty of positive things. You probably just haven't looked hard enough.
Your hair looks nice today :)
Please try to remember that what you're seeing is the vocal minority. People that are happy really dont have anything to talk about until the game is released.

The amount of people that visit this forum, Vs the amount of people that will buy and love this game is a very small %. If I had to guess its less then 1% of the millions of people that will buy and love this game over its lifetime will vistit this forum before the game is released.

LOLOL best nerdy thing ive heard all week!
You are feeling the same phenomenon as the media; it is much easier to say something negative than positive.
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Please try to remember that what you're seeing is the vocal minority. People that are happy really dont have anything to talk about until the game is released.

This. It is the nature of forums (and internet). No one goes to a forum unless they have a complaint, so all you end up seeing are the complaints. It is like a kitchen manager who has to constantly deal with complaints about the food; fact is, most people were content, ate, and left quietly. The ones who were not spoke up.

You really cannot take internet forums at face value. They serve a purpose, but you need to have a different mindset or else you are going to have a skewed image of the community.
Too busy enjoying the hell out of HC in the beta. Keep in mind - most of the complainers dont have beta access to even begin to from a semblance of an opinion of the game for themselves.

They game rocks in beta, its going to rock harder in retail, and the mechanics are fine as is IMO. I am seriously pumped for retail, as are the entire guild worldwide that I play with.
Is "give me a beta key" something positive?
Haha don't think I'm complaining I'm just pumped for this game. I think it's counter productive for its hardcore fans to hear none sense all over these forums weeks before the game launches. On the contrary, I want to hear positive forums and feel fortunate that we were given a release date after all the years of waiting.

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