Ideal Frost built


DoT based built (Blizzard and Frost Hydra) with RoF of course. This should work very well with both mobs and kiting Boss fights.

Mirror Image and Teleport along with Illusionist for Defense. This should work well with DoT builts and kiting around mobs/bosses. After all, with AoE DoT builts it makes sense to kite the mobs around the DoTs. Mirror Image and Teleport sound ideal for that.

Shock Pulse for waiting on AP regen when I am out. It should also help with hi-forst-resist mobs.

I'm not too keen on the mirror images builds more as a personal taste thing, but I have never really liked Shock Pulse or any variation of it outside of melee builds. I would swap out Shock Pulse for Electrocute --> Chain Lightning.

The other issue I have with the build is AP. I generally go by the rule that if you add up all of the AP costs of the spells in a build, that number should have some decent space between it and your base AP pool size (the amount of space depends on the build) if you do not have Chain Lightning/Prodigy for huge AP regen. In your case, you have 100 AP cost and 120 AP pool with 12 AP regen per second naturally. While you aren't in the dire straights that some other builds are, this is not a great ratio without very high AP regen. I would change the following:

1) Shock Pulse to Chain Lightning.
2) Illusionist to Prodigy.
3) Hydra to Frost Nova/Bone Chill.
4) Blizzard rune to snow bound.

Changes 1 and 2 give you a much more reliable AP regen that is guaranteed to always hit. This AP regen will be a much higher volume also.

Changes 3 and 4 remove Hydra and realign your AP costs. I really don't like Hydra for anything outside of utility. The damage on it is too small in my opinion to justify it as a damage spell. A Frost Nova/Blizzard combination with a great source of AP regen will be killer for AOE. The changed build will have 60 AP on a 120 AP pool, and it will have huge AP regen gains from Chain Lightning/Prodigy. Chain Lightning also let's you target ranged attackers over the top of melee targets without wasting a ton of AP on an AOE to do it. Lastly, the Blizzard rune you had before did not increase DPS of Blizzard. In these changes, you will be able to cast more Blizzards to realign its targeted zone. The 15% increased damage by Frost Nova should off set the removal of the Frost Hydra as well as saving you 40 AP.

Overall I like the idea of the build though.
I love it. It closely resembles my build. I see only 1 flaw.

With blizzard at such a high duration, and frost hydra on em, you can easily pick them off with Ray of Frost. Then you have duplicates and teleport as backup. That's great.

But i would say get rid of Shock Pulse for electrocute. Your build is heavily based on keeping a good distance from your enemies right? SP requires you to be pretty close. With electrocute, you can stay at range and hammer away generating massive amounts of AP because they will be slowed by blizzard, meaning (if you place it right) that every single Electrocute will hit 3 enemies.

Overall, not a very damage centric build. It will take a while to kill stuff, but it's a very solid build that no one should touch you in.

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