Plz Make items able to be picked up off floor

Items and Crafting
Currently if you click on an item with your inventory full it just tells you ''inventory full'' unlike previous diablo titles where the item would become your mouse until you decided where it should go. This is a small thing blizzard but items in the Beta are able to be picked up and moved around in your inventory while they are already in your inventory. However if your inventory is full and you want to pull the old pick up and swap you cant. What do i mean? Well when your inventory is full and you dont really want to go through the effort of dropping something to make room you simply open your inventory and then click on the item on the ground. Said item becomes your mouse and you swap it with something in your inventory and than throw it on the ground.

If you could change this it would be awesome :D
Yep I agree :-)
i like that. +1
I think they might have changed this because loot is no longer only lootable by you once youve dropped it. Often people's inventory fills up without them being aware of it. Blizzard probably doesnt want a person being stuck with an item in their hand, worried that if they decide not to put it in their inventory at that exact moment, someone will ninja it.

Probably wouldn't be an issue for most players, but everyone plays differently.

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