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Mine: level 7 barbarian, cathedral right before the Templar joins you. Found a pack of 'nightmare' unburieds. I get feared into a tight door of a small room wih no exit, and full of skellies. Pot up, try to leap over wall, fail, die. "Your deeds will be remembered".
Level 12 witch doctor. I'm like, "Thank you, Leah, for all you've done for me." She's like, "It was my pleasure, Feelgood. Would you like me to accompany you on your travels?" I'm like, "No thank you, Miss, I'm doing this hardcore style, I have to watch my own back." She's like, "I understand, and I respect your decision. Have fun storming the castle."

I headed out of town in perpetual stealth mode, trying to avoid as much confrontation as possible. I spotted a a lowly skeever with better than average gear, so I closed in for the kill. I'm three steps from it's neck, garrote grasped firmly, when I make the fatal error; I couldn't help pickpocketing 100 gold, and the little guy noticed. It was a rare champion skeever, so when it started nibbling on my ankle, it actually hurt. A lot. Thank goodness I had traveled to High Hrothgar and learned the fully powered force shout, because when I stumbled to the ground and champ rat leaped upon my chest, I shouted it airborne and into an abandoned well.

I crawled back to town, relayed the story to Leah, and as she held me close, these were my final words: "I just died in your arms tonight, must of been something something; I should've walked awayyyyy, I should've have walked away."

I died on a barb at level 8. I wanted to see what it looked like. Had a unique unburried pack spawn with a 4th unburried. I was at about 20% health with basically no way to kill them, but instead of going back up to the previous level I tried to see if I could take them out. I couldn't.

Mostly died out of curiosity though.
level 8 barbarian cathedral stage 4, found this event where the chest disappears into the ground and four banners pop up with summoned skellis (first gameplayvid 2008).
i remember the youtube-vid where a guy got a killstreak of 1000+ skellis and for whatever DUMB reason i decide to try it also. problem: i totally forgot that i had not even half of my gear in magic quality, not even a magic weapon. plus: i waited for a second wave to spawn and died within 10 seconds thanks to the archers. (without pot it would have been 7 seconds)
Level 6 WD, walking with my pack of dogs, all of us thoroughly covered in the blood of many zombies. I see the Den up ahead, so I'm thinking this would be a great place to get some gold, scoop up some blues, and generally have a great time. All goes well on level one; many, many bats died glorious deaths for the cause of batdom. So dogs in tow, I head down to level 2. Shortly after the first turn, there's some weird red orange looking bats, and I'm thinking "Yay, stuff".

The Dogpack moves in for the kill, and I Grasp. It hits most of them, and they start taking damage. At this point, I notice that something has gone terribly wrong. 2 dogs are dead, with the third one a second or so from taking a dirt nap. I stand there in shock for 2 seconds, my mind racing in full wtf mode. Soon, my health is halfway down. Wtf mode ends, and I run like crazy. The Molten bats of death follow, and basically bbq me. That was my first beta death ever, first beta HC death ever, and first encounter with the dreaded Molten pack.
Level 7 wizard. Encountered a rare Grotesque mob. I'd usually kite them to death but I found myself rubberbanding so I said !@#$ it, I'll just use a health pot before they blow up.
They were about to blow, I lag spiked, health pot didn't register in time.

RIP FrozenOrb.

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