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Could someone please explain to me what this "chat gem" is that everyone is talking about? And what it does??
What old D2 joke? I've been playing for years and have never heard of this... I don't recall any sort of "gem" in D2 chat...? Like was it in the Battle.net interface with the chat channel?

What do you mean by the second part?

Click the skull that borders the forum. Now click the purple gem at the bottom. There you go.It's an old D2 joke. People were freaks about the damn gem in D2 chat.

Now, go to the skill calculator. Click them both. Skull then gem? Can't remember. Then you can play with a fully leveled characters tree.
Yes, I understand there is a skill calculator and what you do with it.

03/31/2012 09:41 PMPosted by D3BETA
Then you can play with a fully leveled characters tree.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

No level restrictions?
Ok thanks. And crap... too late to delete this thread. Sorry everyone, I missed it by 1 min :(
I actually found out something else the chat gem does recently. If you're looking at armor in the item section and you push the chat gem, it changes the look of the armor for the various classes.

Other people have already found this but I thought it'd point it out here too.

Edit: when I say chat gem I mean the one on this site, not the original one. The original one is working just fine, and has exceeded blizzards expectations.

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