First attempt at a DH build

Demon Hunter
I think I want to make a DH as the first character!!aUY!aZaYca

Hungering arrow is the hatred generator; it has enormous single target damage potential and it seems to be better than the alternatives. Entangling shot seems to be replaceable by caltrops, I didn't opt to play with the grenadier talent so grenades are probably not optimal, and bolas look all right but I'd rather have a good single target generator for purposes of bosses.

Impale is a hatred dump for single targets, and multishot is the aoe hatred dump, since of course we do need aoe.

Caltrops look very tasty, and I even selected custom engineering just to improve that skill alone. I understand custom engineering boosts 2 other skills that I didn't pick, but I think it's still worth it just to double the duration of caltrops, that's like doubling the efficiency of the discipline O_O.

Vault, evasive fire, and tactical advantage are all to keep the DH safe from harm, as he doesn't have very much ability to absorb or recover damage. Steady aim is to add some more offensive punch to the build, synergizing with the fact that I'm trying to keep as far away from enemies as possible.

Thoughts/speculations? I haven't had any experience playing the game at all, so just theorizing here.

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