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D3 looks like a pretty good game, and I think I'll get it. The determining factors are:
1. If I can play SC2 on low, can I play D3 on low?
1.5. if so, how differently, in other words, better or worse, will D3 run?

2. I sometimes, although rarely, crash while playing SC2 sometimes (still while on low), what might be a good thing to upgrade for running games better? graphics card? processor?

Money isn't a problem, I have a decent enough chunk to spare, so if I'm likely to be able to play D3 relatively smoothly on my current PC, I'm probably going to get D3.

As for choosing my class, I've looked at each class a little, and my thoughts on each class are (I could be way off from how a class actually works for any of these):

Barb: keep charging into battle constantly to be able to use skills, not being able to stop when I want to if I want maximum power? no thanks.

DH: bows and arrows? not exactly my style.

witch doc: slow resource regen, and draws strength through summons with the occasional spell with certain effects... interesting, but probably not my first pick.

These two I'm thinking about the most:

Monk: mantras, more skill use as I attack more, and seems relatively balanced between offense and defense, this might be my kind of class! mostly because my first D2 class was paladin.

Wizard: pretty cool abilities and skills. If i want a caster, this is the one.

feel free to tell me whatever on what your opinion is on each class

My final topic is the difficulty I'll play first. I like playing the higher difficulties in games, and rarely ever try the lower ones. I have a hang on how to play Dark Souls (360), so how much harder can D3 be? I also played D2 before (older brother had a D2 battle chest), and never died until after the first boss, though I'm not sure if picking the difficulty was an option, though it was prob on normal if difficulty was selectable. Finally, I saw the "we promise that you'll die" vid, so there's no was I'm going strait to inferno.

So, I'm considering starting on the difficulty just over normal, I think that's nightmare. From what I know, the difficulties are easy, norm, nightmare, hellish?(not quite sure), and inferno.Okay, there's my input. Go ahead, and tell me whatever related to D3.

P.S. I had a bad stick of RAM while I was playing D2, so I had to install a new operating system (from windows XP to 7), and never got to reinstalling D2 after that, so I don't have D2 now :(
You have to beat normal to unlock nightmare,beat nightmare to unlock hell,and beat hell and reach lvl 60 to unlock inferno.

As for classes I can't really give much input on that. I'd say try each out till lvl 5 or so, and go with whatever feels right for you.

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