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Is there a patch or something we are supposed to download?
Hi from Auckland, NZ!

05/14/2012 08:57 PMPosted by prowess
Is there a patch or something we are supposed to download?

It automatically downloaded the patch when I was doing the install off the DVD.
Awesome, hi : )
g'day im dylan im from sydney
been waiting for this game for 3 god damn years it better be amazing :P
Hanging for the server to come online!
Hi. from Townsville.

1 hour to go and Justice will fall.

See yah Guys.
Hi ya...3 years you new comer :P Ive been waiting for 10 ...have fun everyone
Me too!
can any one log in yet?
error 37 then occasionally get error 3006... i could have got two slabs for this....
From the far north of NZ just brought the game and getting the error :( iratating thought i had failed and had to start again before checking here lol
I'm still trying to 'Update setup files'. Anyone have issues with this taking a long time, or is my internet and/or computer just reeaalllyyy bad?
Welcome to what exactly!!! Nothing bloody works...very very very poor quality Blizzard...
can't retrieve my heroes list!!!!!!!!!
I've been playing pretty much 6 hours straight LOL! so fun!
12 years boys.. chop chop
gratz to U kiwis and knuckledraggers (kangaroos) down under! thumbs up from the states
Hi all I am Bundaberg Qld
I hope i can ask this question here
can I have D3 on my Main comp and my Notebook as well?
Hi All You Fellow Gamers,

Has anyone found it confusing to install Diablo 3, now that it's finally found it's way into the world of Diehard Followers homes. As I've not been able to gain access into the actual game, even though I've followed all the instructions in both Battle.Net and Diablo 3, but nothing happens.

Hi all, I'm from Canberra.

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