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Greetings from the Barossa Valley SA !

lovin the Diablo action.

C u there
Diablo new comer here. I'm a guy with a head full of dreams, a stomach full of booze and a heart full of courtesy.

Always keen to play with other kindred people. :D
Hi, I am from Sydney , looking for the other Dalebla lol
Hi, I am from Adelaide.
I am loving the game except the latency issue.
Glad that there is a dedicated forum for Aussie and NZ players :)
I've found Asian servers usually quickest though unreliable. American servers slower but steadier.
Whatever you do don't stuff about with language option, though there doesn't seem to be an English option on the list??? Right now I'm waiting on a 2GB bl..dy Latin American language download to finish so I can change it back to English (I hope, since it wasn't on the list before...)
Doesn't seem to be anyway to get into the game until its finished *sigh*
Why isn't there an Offline Mode???
I have D3, however. an annoying box keeps coming up wanting a dial up location, and we on ADSL2. How can i get rid of it. Also it keeps saying that there is a new patch. when I click on it, it says that the game is up to date. I have not got into the game yet!!!!! HELP!!!!!
NZ here. Like probably most Australians I can't stand being forgotten about and tossed into the NA servers, especially seeing as now it appears the servers will go down weekly on a Tuesday just like they do with WoW. Again the little guys face the 'tough !@#$ - take it or leave it' proposal.

As a vet of D2 I'm gutted with the condition this game has been released in. Like a lot of other people relying on unreliable servers to play (in my case) a single player game is infuriating, especially when I have a wife, kids and RL to focus on during the day, and night time is the only time I really get to wind down. A lot of D3 players will be in the same boat as me as it has been an eternity since D2 was released back in the 90's and life has changed.

I have never posted on a Blizzard forum before and I know this post will probably be completely overlooked by the powers that be, but honestly Blizzard, WTF? This is disappointing and angering MILLIONS of people, not just a few, so if these antics are kept up don't cry or be suprised if a large portion of people aren't playing in a months time and you don't sell as many expansion copies as you had originally had thought (if and) when it is released. Do NOT make this another WoW money cow.....
Hello from Melbourne,

Why can I not connect to "the americas" servers? I can connect to the Asian servers but none of me characters exist? I am hearing lots of things about an 8 hour maintenance window. Please tell me :

A: you are not stupid enough to annoy half the planet and
B: why do my characters not exist in the different regions.

What is the point of a battle.net account if I cannot access it.
from Sydney...

Totally agree. This game is stuffed.

What other game has ever had such downtime after launch??
This game was delayed for 2 years so they could get it right...I presume...

Looks to me like they were watching Torchlight, stole some tasty bits and imbedded...

Cannot believe they held it back so long only to release a mongrel.....
I'm just going to say this now, is anyone else aloud on to Diablo 3 cause it says its down and I'm very confused...
Where is our servers?
No one cares about a forum.
Love the sense of humour Enkai!

Keep it up mate, we can make you an honourary Victorian if you like?
I can relate to the Wife, kids, Rl thing Sika.

And us being lumped in with the Americans. We're AUSSIES (& Kwis). We really do need our own servers. The american ones going down and killing our prime playing time while being thier off peak time blows!
I refuse to be overlooked like this... we can badger blizzard until the recognise atleast our geographocal location and how stupid it is to dump us in a too hard basket!
Who's in?
Hi all, im another Sydney sider. Enjoying the game so far and cant w8 to meet and team up with more Aussies.
Hang in there mate! Its getting better everyday!
I played a bit last night and there was no lagging at all
Wrong thread mate

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