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Have what I hope is a rhetorical question here: Are game clients directly associated with purchased Diablo III software licenses? Here's the situation: I've already purchased a license for personal use and have downloaded and installed the client. Now my guild has decided it would be in our collective best interests to have an account dedicated for guild use (psuedo guild armory).

We have established a separate battlenet account just for guild use but we're reluctant to purchase a game software license until we know for sure if this license will in fact work. Keep in mind this account would be used as a shared resource; consequently it would be necessary for different people to log on from separate systems as the need arises.

Your license is linked to the account, so yes, you would be able to login from any game client. Blizzard's stance on sharing accounts like this? Not sure.
sharing is against the ToS and if one of the people steal everything off of it, blizz will not help you retrieve the items/gold.
Not sure if this is allowed by the ToS, but it's technically possible.

All game clients are the same, you can log in with any account. All of the stuff that matters is stored on the server. I've kicked myself off the beta going from one computer to another.

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