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Auckland, New Zealand
Wellington NZ here, can't wait :)
Melbourne, Australia here. ^^
Melbourne here too. Cant wait !!
Sydney. Do I hook you up with my address too?
Melbourne but originally from Canada, you guys got a great country here =)
Location: Christchurch
Diablo 3 First character to play Non-Beta: Demon Hunter
Character Name of said Class: TBC :P
Status of Patience: Running out cant wait for the release next month!!!!!
Sydney! ZOMG 4 weeks to go as of tomorrow!!
Barossa, South Australia
South Australia
Glen Eden West Auckland here.
melbourne aus
Melbourne d(o.o)b here
Melbourne, Aus. :) If anyone would like to play in the future diablo 3 please add me.
sheilas where they at ?!?!

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