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Adelaide, SA *sigh*
Auckland - New Zealand

Just bought my poppy for ANZAC day today!
Mildura, Vic Aus.
Auckland - NZ :D
Born and raised in Wellington, NZ. Moved to Perth, AU back in February last year. :)
dunnerz, nz
Shellharbour, NSW
Red Cliffs, Victoria
Hubby and I are both in Darwin. Moving back to BrisVegas in November so take your pick!
Originally both from QLD.
/wave to the blokes at Wagga Wagga... hubby spent 12 weeks there /wink!
Melbourne Victoria!
Dunalley Tasmania
Born and bread Sydney Australia, Moved to Adelaide, Australia when I married my wench.

Average ping in Open beta 200-220 Pretty happy with that :)
Canberra, ACT.
The Tron.

Sydney, Australia here!
Sydney, AUS :D
Melbourne, VIC here
Waikanae, Kapiti Coast District, NZ
Auckland, New Zealand!

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