Barbarian Reveal

Lore and Story
I'm disappointed that there was not a short story to go with the barbarian reveal like the one for the demon hunter, "Hatred and Discipline". I'm hoping that it's just a little delayed and we'll get one for every class and it won't just be for the demon hunter.
Nevermind, I'm un-disappointed, it's there now (or just linked but not loading but either way I know it's happening now).
What was your opinion of it?
I thought it was badass!
Those stories are awesome, and really the main thing I look forward to with this reveal site. Sure I'll grab the sigil because it's only available during this short time (will I actually use those sigils in a banner... I don't expect them to be so rare as to be 'prestigious'... so probably not).
The stories have been pretty good I'm glad they are taking the time to develop the characters b4 the game that way when I play them It won't just be playing the class for mechanics. There will be more of a connection with them =)

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