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Recently we released our “Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise” launch site which rewards you and your friends for rising up as the heroes of Sanctuary. Through your interactions on this site you’ll find new information, videos, unlockable content, contests, a banner customization tool, and be able to win five exclusive sigils for use on your customizable banner when Diablo III is unleashed upon the world.

That said, we know there have been a few issues with the site that have caused confusion for participants. Below are answers to common questions we’ve seen since the site launched. It’s our goal to ensure your experience with the features of this campaign is a positive one, as everyone should be looking forward to unlocking the amazing content we’ve prepared for you.

For more information on the basic functionality of the features for this promotion, see the official FAQ.

The site was very unstable the first few days of launch and I wasn’t receiving confirmation emails that I’d successfully claimed a sigil. Why didn’t you extend the time the demon hunter was active?

  • Even though confirmation emails weren’t being sent, we did receive all submissions made during the period when our mailer wasn’t working. If you’re worried your submission wasn’t received and that hero is no longer available, fret not, there will be a period at the end of the promotion where you’ll be able to claim any sigils you might’ve missed.

Why have Mark of Valor gallery updates been so infrequent?

  • While we’ve had no problems receiving all of your banner submissions, we experienced an issue that prevented us from being able to update the gallery on the website. This should now be fixed and you can expect to see new faces in the gallery (maybe even your own!) much more frequently.

Why isn’t the image I submitted in the gallery?

  • As we’re receiving hundreds of thousands of images, not all submissions will be posted on the website.

There are a lot of pictures in the Mark of Valor gallery. How will I know if my image has been added?

  • If your image is selected for display in our gallery, you’ll receive an email letting you know.

The website said my submission was successful, but I never received a confirmation email. How do I know if it worked?

  • We experienced an issue during the first few days of the promotion where our mailer was not properly sending confirmations to participants. As of April 9 this has been fixed; however, rest assured that this didn’t prevent us from receiving submissions prior to April 9. If you’re still worried about not receiving the sigil, you’re welcome to submit another entry in order to get a confirmation email. There will be a brief period at the end of the promotion where you’ll be able to obtain sigils you might’ve missed.

What happens if I mistype my Battle.net email address?

  • The website doesn’t verify your email address is valid at the time you make a banner image submission, so make sure you type it in carefully! You’ll receive a Mark of Valor confirmation email shortly after submitting your picture.

How can I tell the email I receive apart from a phishing or scam email?

  • The automated email will come from noreply@reveal.diablo3.com. If you’re worried about whether or not an email is legitimate, just know that no action is required on your part if you receive an email from this address (you won’t be asked to reply or click on any links).

Why does the unique URL of my Mark of Valor image (provided when clicking the “share” buttons) not load my image?

  • This is an issue we fixed very recently. Share your image with the world now!

Why hasn’t the progress bar for the unlocked content moved?

  • There was initially an issue that prevented the progress indicator from properly reflecting participant activity on the site. This has been fixed and you should see the progress indicator update more frequently.

When will I actually receive my sigil?

  • We’re keeping records of all the Battle.net accounts which have claimed each sigil. Within the first couple of weeks of Diablo III’s release (May 15), we’ll be processing all of these accounts and flagging them to unlock the appropriate sigils. The bonus sigils will automatically appear for those who unlocked them in the banner customization screen in-game.

If there are additional questions you have regarding this campaign not already addressed here, in the FAQ, in the Hero of the Day contest rules, or in the Portrait of a Champion contest rules, please let us know.
04/10/2012 11:52 AMPosted by D3BETA
Any reason why its not letting me vote n just lags the crap out of my browser when i try to up vote a picture ??????

I have same issue, can't get past *ENTER INFO* tab, it always stops at 40-60%.
Tried IE, Chrome and Firefox with latest latest flash and adblocks disabled.
Thanks for the update on the site. Anything that helps pass the time until launch is appreciated.
Thanks for the info, but. . .

What happened to the floaty skull?


Edit: Never mind. I guess I should read the stickies before I post :P
i got a confirmation email for the barb i did today but not the DH I did on Friday (or maybe thursday night, whenever the site went live). Now when I try to do a DH banner i dont get the enter info tab, am I SOL for a DH banner now????

I giess I should read the full FAQ too. I see the info about April 9 and prior submittions but it did say we could resubmit, which I did. So I guess I just have to hope and also try to make sure I see the 'open' period before release where we can get sigils we missed.
"A few issues"...HA!

(PS: Zarhym, how related are you to the bunches of unique enemies I keep finding with you name?)
Thank goodness, cause I did the demon hunter sigil, and didn't get the conformation e-mail saying I did.
Good... I was worried that I missed out on that DH sigil, that would make me sad.

Is this issue completely resolved? Getting the barb sigil might be the most important thing on this website, and I dont want to miss it!!!
Weird, I went through the barbarian one, hit submit, filled in my info and then the page effectively froze. Now when I go to the page again, it is frozen at Loading to even get to where you pick which hero to make a banner for....

Tried Firefox and IE, cleared cache, restarted. nada.
Thanks for keeping us updated :)
My issue isn't that I'm confused about a feature, it's that a feature isn't working.

I -still- can't submit my artwork for the "Portrait of a champion" contest. This is still bugged. I've tried 3 different browsers with every blocker and firewall disabled and none of them worked. Why wasn't this addressed in this post? There are only, like 6 images up there that somehow slipped into the system. I don't even know how they got past the initial splash page where you upload the image. Blizz, I worked very hard on this and I'd love to be able to submit it and have a shot at winning something. Do you have a time frame for this fix?
My first character is going to be a DH. This is the character I plan to use to play through each and every difficulty. I created a banner and submitted the info (last week, the week before, not 100% certain as to when) but the site hung for a long time and when I tried to reload it I had no luck.

Having forgot about it until today I checked and there's no indication that I'll be awarded the sigil and no way to try again.

Any chance this will be addressed or am I just plain SOL?
lol is the first unlock from like 2010?
04/11/2012 06:26 AMPosted by Leeroyjgibbs
Having forgot about it until today I checked and there's no indication that I'll be awarded the sigil and no way to try again.

04/10/2012 11:42 AMPosted by Zarhym
There will be a brief period at the end of the promotion where you’ll be able to obtain sigils you might’ve missed.
I'm stuck at the loading screen to create a banner, anyone else?
Still can't submit artwork, Blizzard. Did you guys just release this website and go on vacation? Because that's what it feels like. I'm beyond pissed off at this point. I've waited over a week to simply get past one screen... I select the image I want to upload, name it, tag it, then click "Next", loading percentage fills to 100%, I click next and then... nothing happens. No error code, no notification, nothing. It's like the damn button doesn't even function.

Once again - is this being addressed?! Are you aware of the issue? Are my pleas falling on deaf ears?! HELLO, POLLY!!!
Why isn’t the image I submitted in the gallery?As we’re receiving hundreds of thousands of images, not all submissions will be posted on the website.
Effectively dissapointed that my images may not even been posted for votes for the hero of the day or to even see if it's "liked" by people..... ~Sad Panda~

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