275,000 BETA invites Sent!!!

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Check your Battle.net Account pages

Just posting this here in-case anybody has missed it, it was reported on Diablo fans


I finally got my invite :D so check your b.net accounts for yours ;)
Got mine just now =D
still no beta invite. nothing to do but wait till may 15th.
nah, no invite for me..missed it once again
didnt get one.... lame :/
Finally got mine, now if only I was not at work and didn't have a huge assignment due for next week :(
Install D3 on work PC like me :) (only if your office happened to be empty most of the time)
This sux, no invite

are there any fan sites still giving out beta keys?

i really want to just play all the characters to see what i like for launch (yes i know this is not the purpose of a beta)

i woke up at 7am this morning and was watching twitter while doing work in another tab. one of the codes gets put up at like 9 i think, i refresh and type code in almost instantly and code is already redeemed.

most heartbreaking experience ever

edit: im sorry about my avatar picture. took all the heirlooms off her for another character, better put some clothes on
Aww no beta for me =( do they notify you via email if you get the key?

Do you guys know if the beta keys that were sent was a one off?
No invite :(
Anyone in New Zealand got this yet?
I'm from Brisbane and have prepurchased the digital copy and finally got beta access within the last few hours. Installing it now. Best of luck to those who still haven't got access. Only one month to go. And no, i got no email notification, just checked my battlenet account today and there it was.

ironically i'm about to go away for a week starting Sunday.

Anyway it'll be interesting to see if there are any latency issues given my Australian location and this is the largest beta invites blizzard have done so far.
From Auckland, got invite.
Not yet get any invite.....:=(
Will i been choose?
From Perth, got a beta invite. Crapping myself with joy.
From Dunedin NZ, just got my invite =D
Latency around 170ms and it plays very smoothly. =D
So sad I missed out, I'm like a huge fan. It sux :'(

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