Official Blizzard Launch in Brisbane?

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Hey Blizzard,

Are you having a official launch for Diablo 3 in Brisbane or somewhere else in Australia?
Since there is only 4 weeks to go... I need to know so I can start saving for the trip!

Thanks heaps!

-Jules from Aus
I would assume not.
We did have the Australian Starcraft 2 midnight launch in Brisbane. Was a nice event I was there. But that was announced quite a bit in advance. My feeling is if there was to be an Australian D3 midnight launch party it would have been announced already.

I created a thread about this previously. Highlander spoke to EB Games at Myer Centre, Brisbane (the store responsible for the SCII Launch Event) who had this to say:

So, I spoke to EB in the Myer Centre. They said that presuming we are based on the US release time, as per WoW Cataclysm, it'll just be a case of going to the store and picking it up.

A pity, they said they had some pretty big plans they won't be executing the way it looks ATM. 5pm must just not be a cool time to do fancy stuff.

Due to local release happening at Tuesday, 5:00pm (East Coast, AUS) I wouldn't be expecting a launch party, and only a few midnight releases.

A bummer in my opinion as I really enjoyed the SCII Launch Event. But apparently it's not meant to be.

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