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So, I accidentally downloaded the enGB instead of the enUS client.

Anyone know for sure if its OK, or if I will have a problem connecting to and playing on North American servers with that?

I don't want to download another 7.6Gb if I can avoid it ^^
I think it mainly depends on your region on your bnet account but I would also like to know this.

does not matter what game client you download however you will only be able to use that particular clients RAMH (real auction money house)

ie eu version only access only eu RMAH ect ect (sell and trade)

hope this helps

regards john
I'd say download enUS. Don't risk sticking with enGB and then having a potential hassle to sort out on release day.
SInce you don't want to re-download the US client you can stick with the EU one. Just remember to change your realm to NA for access to the US-RMAH and the aussie-RMAH. Sure you might have to live with UK english as the GB one would surely be localised for the UK.

But because any client can play any realm on D3 you should be ok there. And I don't know for 100% sure if the US version will have an Aussie localisation in addition to the US one.

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