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please please please fix the auto target on melee. It really sucks when a boss teleports or runs out of a mob. My toon follows whatever I'm targeting, leading me into sometimes very unfortunate situations. If a target runs away, I don't want my toon to automatically follow.
Also, please please please let ME decide which spells I want my mouse to run.
Also, there seems to be a huge issue with disconnect....I'm thinking this is just due to the system being new, as I have no issues with disconect on WOW.
And the slowest reflexes on award goes to....
You can chose which skills are put where. You just need to toggle 'Elective' mode (it's in menu => options => gameplay I think).

I like to call it 'turning off the tutorial'.
Yeah. Blizz really needs to make 'Elective' mode more visible. Maybe we can get a sticky put at the top saying something about this?

Otherwise every n00b on the planet is gonna come here and gripe about this... for the next 10 years.
As for your character following the porting mob, just be a little faster on hitting the Shift key, and your character will stand there and melee stuff around you.
Hmm... I know what a character is... but I know not of these 'toons' of which you speak.
Are we talking about avatars here?
Toon. Character. Avatar. Pretty much all the same thing. The dude (or dudette) in the middle of the screen that you're controling.

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