275,000 Diablo III Beta Invites

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So have they all been sent already? If we didn't get ours by now does that mean we won't be in on this wave?
How do I know it still won't be me?
been signed up for the beta for 3 years.. still nothing :/
good luck! i have been trying!
how can i see if i won? holly*****
Im waiting :(
Let me get one! :D
Hope I can get one!!
I got one.
Just peed myself a little.
Dang only thing new I see on my bnet account is Mobile Alerts...
Crossed Finger Too ! Come On !
checked right after I posted that and found out I got in. Thanks Blizzard
i got it!!!! love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any idea on how long we have to wait to know we weren't lucky?
No Annual Pass and No D3 Beta... cool!
OMG sfghsgjaewrygatiuhnafuhbg Head is about to explode!

Got beta!!!!

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