Perfection All Under LVL 30 req!

Witch Doctor
Assuming I finish Normal difficulty by level 30. Everything I selected is under a lvl 30 slvl req. This is the build I will have. It will change in the later difficulties.

This build does FIRE, POISON, PHYSICAL, and ARCANE damage so I know I wont have a problem coming across a little guy with some resists to one or two of them. It has good burst damage and AoE.

I get life from Haunt. I get mana from and o so much more from Soul Harvest as well as Spiritual Attunement. Jungle Fortitude as well as Zombie Handler gives my pets and I added survivability.!Zbd!aaaZaa

[Edit] Haha I forgot to put the build in here!

Solid build for normal diff IMO.
You're over thinking resistances. Considering that most likely elites will have the # of affixes corresponding to the difficulty (1-4 based on normal = 1 and inferno = 4). Meaning that NM would be the earliest you'd have to worry about 2 "immunities." But also remember they've said specific affixes will only be seen in specific difficulties so resistance affixes could only be rollable in the last 1 or 2 anyways.
Yeah I agree about resistances. My main thought about builds when making this one was:

people are making builds with high slvl requirements (in the 40's and 50's). So, what are you going to use UP TO THAT point? I wanted to design a build I know I will use while Im working toward that initial goal of hitting lvl 60.
There's a nightmare build thread:

One thing this build lacks is a high-damage aoe attack you can use reasonably often. You have Toads - which does ok but not high aoe damage - and Sacrifice which effectively has a long cooldown because you have to get rid of your dogs.

This build is also lacking a good single-target attack that you can cast repeatedly.

Spiritual Attunement may not be needed with this build because you don't have an expensive secondary spell you can cast regularly to use up your mana.
resist on monsters hasnt been a problem until later difficulties, just so you know... not to say it doesnt matter but all the types of elements are only a real plus once we get into the higher difficulties (not that doing so is a problem)

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