D3, Less of a replay value compared D1/D2?

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Hi! this is my first post. i dont know where else to post to get a feedback on the way im feeling... Diablo 3 has changed in many many ways! i havent played yet and im sure the game will rock! BUT, for ME the biggest replay value was creating different characters to change their skills name etc. Id have my Sorc who would use Frozen Orb,, a sorc who mastered firewall etc.. i would always have my 8 characters limit.

Now if I am not mistaken, you create your char, you choose your skills, If you made a mistake in your skill choice POOF no problem switch them around suffer a small delay and bingo NEW CHAR who has masters skills he has never used before..

In this case i would never really have to create a new character? i can keep the same char and swap his skills out whenever i want?.. this ultimately means i never have to start from scratch again UNLESS i want to idk change my char's name?

if anyone feels the same i would love to know.. i don't think there are many out there.

PS: to counter this feeling im picking up HC mode :)
PSS: I know forums can be harsh take it easy on me!! im a nice guy sharing my opinion wanting to know if anyone else feels the same way.

Thanks for any and all your opinions
There's more than just the sorc to start from scratch for.

5 SC characters for when I'm lazy -- 5 HC characters for when I'm not
5 main characters that will have access to all skills at level 60 (replay them as much as you want and gear up)

5 hardcore characters that work as alts for when you want to level again. Since your 60s have access to all skills, there's simply *no* reason not play HC if you just wanna play a new char of a class you already have, for whatever reason.
Players could reassign their stat and skill points in Diablo 2 any number of times, also, with tokens of absolution, and also from the Den of Evil quest reward.
The end game should be awesome. dont be disapointed
So the limit went from 8 to 5? that's ok makes sense thanks for this info
The game will have MORE replayability than Diablo 2.

Not because of the "you have to reroll to try a new build" (which you were an idiot if you did in diablo 2 given the availability of skill resets), but because in diablo 2 you outleveled the content... in diablo 3 the content outlevels you, all of inferno is endgame not just baalruns.
D2 forced you to recreate a character if you did it wrong. That's not replay value, that's just replay. Also, forcing a player to recreate a character isn't a very customization-freedom sounds game to me.

Replay value for D2? Being able to finish the game.
For D3? No idea, isn't out yet. Achievements?
The search bar is you're friend :)
Thanks SnakeEyez, i had stoped playing @ patch lvl 1.12
It´s sad that your first post is about something we discussed countless times.
D3 has a endless replay!!!
miscalculate and forced to start from scratch isn't replay value for many people. People don't complain about it much in d2 only because rushing from lv1 to 80 was so easy.
Like mentioned "I" like that sort of RE-CREATE character feeling, i also mentioned that i was probably one of the only people!

I found the PERFECT solution.. ill place my skills and runes in one place AND never move them again! then delete my char when i want to try new skills.. PROBLEM solved! haha
Actual organized PvP modes + A difficulty that you cannot outlevel?

Yeah, I would say it will do just fine.

Also, dont forget Diablo 2 by itself did not last this long, it was D2 + an Expansion, D3 will see at LEAST 1, if not 2 exansions.

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