What class to choose at launch...Monk/WD/Barb

Witch Doctor
Orginally I was going to play a Monk no question but I keep seeing negative things posted about the class about it not being finished or unpolished. Barb and WD had been my secondary choices but they are moving towards the front.

So WD forum, why should I choose the WD on launch over the other two? What neagtives have you found about the class so far? Or hell if you think I should choose Monk or Barb over the WD why?

Thanks for the input!

PS- If anyone is tired of their beta key wants to let someone else try it out before launch to make their own decision, that will work too :)
I know it can be difficult to decide if you haven't played the beta, but since I have, here's my input.

Monk - Very, very fast. The skills unlocked in the beta aren't that unique, kinda basic, but it's still a very satisfying class to play. I had no problem being up front and doing damage, and if you like fast paced action, definitely the class you'd want to consider. I was originally going to play wizard, in fact I was dead set on it, then I played monk in the beta and my mind has changed :)

WD - Very fun. You can play with or without minions, it's really up to you...The skills are all very unique, and really allow you to play the way you want. Very cool animations and the WD can deal some pretty hefty damage. A little weak early on, so not really going to jump headfirst into the fray like the monk and barb, but still a very unique class.

Barb - not much to say other than you get swarmed and just destroy everything in your path. Way overpowered in the beta, but satisfying. Not something I'd play just because of my style, but if you like the look of heavy eq and just decimating hordes and hordes, it's a good class.
If you play a monk get used to hearing, "not enough spirit for that ability" ;)
Monks don't use mana.
Best response I've got yet, thanks for the input Breylin
04/19/2012 09:09 AMPosted by Maharal
Monks don't use mana.

Neither do Barbarians.
I won't post again what I've posted 100 times but- im going in this order. Wd> barb > monk > dh > sorc only reason is because I hate the dh with passion for killing a nature like ranger... And sorc Ive played way to much. Monk seems boring but... I'll hope.

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