Diablo® III Open Beta Weekend

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This is the greatest thing ever.
Finally got in but terribly laggy and dropped connection within 2 mins. Urggle
Thanks for letting me confirm free of charge that I have no interest in this casual action-adventure game you strangely decided to shoehorn into your old roguelike ARPG franchise.
Just 1 Boss My beta was over at lvl 5 That sucks Should have just called it a demo.
Now that's what I call some killer lag... Cause in all my experience getting all 5 classes through to level 10, this was the FIRST time I died cause my lag counter shot up to 1600MS and after my screen locked up for about 3 minutes then I came back to a dead character..

With how my luck goes.. I bet there was a cool vanity item I could have won for having never died during the whole stress test.. :(

On a serious note.. I guess they've opened the gates on allowing as many people as possible join cause this horrendous lag has been non stop now for about 10 minutes and prior to this from yesterday until tonight its not reached more than about 80MS. I hope this isn't what we have to look forward to for the remainder of the Stress Test. Not that it's probably not great testing but its not great at all for playing or even testing on my end.

Anyone else having horrible lag that started about 10 minutes ago?
No lag here, but I logged because it was telling me that the server would shut down in 3 minutes. So I imagine something was going on for a lot of people.
here we go again :3
yea hope this isnt like earlier
Error 25009

I was playing solo just fine. no lag. In-game a msg window pops up saying i was disconnected. i click ok, it returns me to the character screen. i click "resume game" and get this error 25009
Servers are down.
error 37 again
Error 317002

"Unable to find all of the appropiate game configurations to create or join games" error317002
this game is like crack haha
Thanks for the beta invite!

I have been playing with no issues for the most part, but ran into one possible thing.

In Cathdral level 3, after that dude joins my party, I tried to go attack the next mob before the dialogue was over, and it seemed to lock up the frames rather badly from then on.
I had to restart the game to fix it.

Will let you know if I see anything else!
Well 1st impressions, the questing system is a lot better, and the physics omg, Let's just say i love dropping chandeliers on zombies. XD . All and all a well polished game, i'm impressed.
My only quam is the town portal system shouldn't have to be unlocked later on, at least unlock it the 1st dungeon. Other than that, can't wait till May 15TH.
Would be sweet if I could log on. Keep getting error 37 servers busy.
It allowed me to log on. but when trying to resume game....after 5-10 seconds of waiting, i get the message....

"The request timed out. Please try again. (300008)"

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