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error 37 here
Took me 15 tries to log into LMAO.
logged in but getting time outs for hero creation, also time outs after hero is created and I try to start a game. Through many retries have gotten a hero of each class created but have yet to be able to successfully start a game.

I click start game and after a varying amount of wait:

There was an error creating the game. Please try again. (Error 24000)


The request timed out. Please try again. (Error 300008)
Have a buddy who is playing as we speak
Hey Bash, is there gonna be a queuing system in D3? Is that just not part of the beta servers/stress test?
i have us account and have the same error 12
how long Mr Bashiok before more can get in ?

also what will the cap of players be 200,000 + ?

Thank You
The open beta has begun and we've been extremely successful in that we've already managed to break a few things. We've capped the open beta concurrency until we can resolve some stability and service issues, and until it's resolved you will likely see an Error 37 when attempting to log in.

  • Error 12 - This is an error we're still investigating, but should only be appearing for Korean accounts which are not able to participate in the open beta. If you do not have a Korean account, we're still investigating this issue but suspect it may simply be due to the Account services being slammed by the high volume of traffic.
  • Error 3003 - Click Options, under Account change your region to The Americas. The open beta is only being held on US hardware.

Thanks for the update, boss. Do you guys have an idea how long it might be?
US account here, two bugs on my end

1) upon login, it will gray out the login for a few minutes then say discontected from

2)upon login, will state that I entered the incorrect login info even though it was entered appropriately. I verified that this login info was correct by connecting to bnet on the web.

I hope this helps
googo network team!
04/20/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Bashiok
Is anyone actually able to get in?

Yeah we have a ton of people in-game and playing right now. We're just working on trying to get a ton more in.

About how many people are playing right now Bashiok?
mmmm same here got the error 12 msg its kind of annoying waiting 10mins for the client to connect to the server then just be let down with a error 12

US account
It's too bad Many people can't get in. I've been downloading this all morning with my bro (Thank you blizz for P2P download :p), but now I am stuck on opening screen, which looks real awesome btw.
US AZ. Getting error 12.
Thank you for the update Bashiok.
It would be nice if blizzard take the cap off!
I wonder how many demons we will collectively slay this weekend =) Great to see so many people enjoying the beta already, hopefully they can get those issues worked out so everyone can spend some time in Sanctuary this weekend.
Error 12 and 37 here...
Woot we broke bnet!!! muahahahha the evil has already began!

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