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Can everyone get off the game so I Can play?


Saying the servers are full leads me to believe that you underestimated the number of people who wanted to try out the beta, let alone the game itself at launch. Wouldn't you come to understand by now the measures needed?

They are full because they put a temporary cap on the servers, not because they cannot or will not be able to handle the millions of players on release. They put the cap on so they can figure out some of the issues they are having.
Also just saying ... how are you "capped" like why not be prepared for something like this .... kinda stupid on your (blizzard) part is it not ?
ahhhh so they capped the number of loggins.....
For error 12, I went back into my account and redownloaded the D3 game client. This time making sure to download it from the D3 beta. Worked for me. Hope it helps others alike.
04/20/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Bashiok
I guess we're lucky in that this stress test is specifically intended to find and resolve any such issues, which is why the open beta isn't called "Diablo III release".

Keeping this copied to my clip board for all the stupid threads popping up. People need to chill the hell out. When I was on the public game thing said there was 65,000+ people on in public games at the time. Compared to the around 5,500 around 8am PDT. That's not 65,000 online either, that's just the ones that are in public games.
hey bashiok could you upload an image as how is supposed to be an account with open beta access such as the info you put that maybe we have to change the region if the error 12 shows, cause as i said i have americas account but when the log doesn't shows error 37 it shows error 12 so i think there might be something as said before with a var or theres something different on accounts that could access and those who can't.
I was hoping i would get to play the game too. Guess I'll have to wait until May 15.
if they did it earlier in the week, it wouldn't have got hammered quite as hard.. an that's the whole point... it needs to be flooded to work out the kinks so it can deal with it at release..

I'm as keen as anyone, but i understand the reasons why it had to be this way, and its better now than at release when you've just paid for it!
Based on the in game stats i guess its locked at 100k.... Joining games is almost impossible. And the AH is busted.... good times at blizzard i am sure.
The problem I'm having is the "Login" button is simply disabled. Is this normal? Any ideas how I can fix it? I'm using "The Americas" servers, of course
I got into the character screen but now am getting error 24000 can not create a game.
The open beta started at noon PDT which explains the number of people, as for you trolls and whiners above, don't belittle Blizz, they are doing what they can. You should have started downloading earlier if u wanted to be in now. (fyi, im not in the game yet either)

wow i'm only wow player I see with such a high achieveo score.... >.< I've played WoW too much

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