Question: Why have mana cost for WD Primary?

Witch Doctor
With such a small amount of mana required to cast--why have a cost at all?

It seems like the small cost is there to slow the regeneration speed of mana and force the player to use the skill more wisely, but this doesn't play much of a factor in Beta.

Is this supposed to gradually change as we level up, to the point where it is something we pay attention to?

P.S. Witch Doctor for President
Maybe a balance issue. There's a debate in another thread about Poison Dart vs. Corpse Spiders. One thing going for spiders is the 50% lower mana cost, which effects your ability to use mana-intensive skills like Firebats.
I'm pretty sure I've got the right idea concerning the small mana cost for these abilities, but I was looking for someone else's take on the subject.

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