Cant even log in

Technical Support
I do not get an error code of any sort, I just put in my name and password, and then the "Login" button isn't even click-able. Whats this mean?
There is a note on the log in screen they are fixing an issue with the servers and currently have only a limited number of people in the game.
I also cannot log in! Hurry because I DIE DIE must play before it closes!
OMG Same goes for me. I mean i can type any kind of random username and password but the "log in" tab just wouldnt be highlighted.
Can someone please do somethin? Its killing me here
And ive not tried the beta on my pc
Thanks a mil
You have to use your battlenet EMAIL address to log in .... yea i know its retarded that it doesnt say anythign about email ... but yes your full email i required for the login to be able to click .. but dont worry game still is broken.. 1 fps.. ftw
put in your email, not your Battlenet name....

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