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Can someone clarify a couple of questions for me.

1.) Is there a universal Blizzard currency we will be using?

2.) If not I read that the Auction Houses will be separated by currency, is that true?

3.) If the AH is separated by currency.. e.g. USD, GBP, AUD, HKD... Can I list my item in a seperate AH?

For example...
I live in Australia. If I get a rare item and want to auction it. Am I limited to the Australian auction house that only uses AUD. Or can I list it on the US AH?

I ask this for obvious reasons of supply and demand. Buying an item that is lacking in one market and listing it in another. etc.. Our Australian AH is gonna be pretty quiet in comparison to the US AH..

4.) If let's say that the AH is restricted by currency AND I cannot list in another currencies AH. How does this affect players who play on different servers?

For example...
I plan to play on the North America server as oppose to the SEA/Oceanic (Asia?) server. Wouldn't I essentially be taking an item that belongs on the USWest server.. and essentially be giving it to someone on the Oceanic server (Assuming I am limited to the AUD AH)

5.) If I have a US credit card and proof of address. Purchase a US Digital Diablo 3. Play on North American Server... All while living in Australia. Am I to assume that I will be linked to the US AH via my BNet Accounts country of origin and registered credit card/billing address and not from my IP address?

I realize some of these questions might not be able to be answered by other forum-ites.. hopefully a blue can step in to answer these questions in depth. But regardless...
Thanks in advance...

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