the beta is closed..

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i had 7 hours of fun =)
I played about 3 hours split over Witch Doctor, Monk and Wizard. Now I have no idea which class I want to start as, they were all quite fun to play!

It was nice to confirm that the game runs well on my machine, as well as the latency not being a large issue; only a few spikes here and there.

Can't wait for the 15th!
monk and wiz imo are the funnest: )

in the beta that is . . fenzy barb made me sads
Not too long to go now! :)
Yep three weeks :)

Nek minute
I barely got to play at all because of an error. I had to change my server region to The Americas to get it to work and then I only got a few hours in. I would kill for a BETA key. Not seriously, but I really want one >_<
I played for about, 20-30 hours split over all 5 characters and 3 days. Wizard and Demon Hunter all the way. Demon Hunter was just a blast.. can't wait to have a ferret.

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