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Does anyone else have the opinion that I do that the Diablo III story has a lot of potential within it? I feel like there is a lot they can do with it as far as twists go and who will be each of the bosses and such. I want to be surprised, in a good way of course. I fell out of the stories in Warcraft and Starcraft but I feel like Diablo III will have a superior story if Blizzard plays their cards right. I have my own opinions for what will happen in the story but I'd like to hear plenty of others thoughts on what might make for a great story arc and what you think will happen.

The Book of Cain got me fired up for the story.
They hint at many options in beta. e.g.....the adria references.. "justice shall fall on the world of men" off thop of my head , not to mention the little tidbits from the found books
ya i don't type very the top of my head

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