Are the graphics amped down for the beta?

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The sad part is that this is probably the best they could do seeing as how old/low spec the minimum supported stuff is.
And there's still people complaining the specs are too high...
04/22/2012 11:30 AMPosted by Omen
If graphics are such a huge issue go play Skyrim on max settings or something

Don't you mean Witcher 2
What they are going for is a game that can be played on a wide variety of systems. What they are not going for is a game that can only be played by people with computers designed specifically to be gaming powerhouses.

The graphics are fine. The art style is great. And people with all kinds of set-ups are going to be able to access it. Thus a long lasting game will result.
For some reason this runs my card really hot. I had to turn down the resolution. I do have an older card - 9600GT. And do plan on upgrading... (560ti)

However, I can run BF3 ALL day without any problems.

Edit - When I do upgrade...I doubt that I will see the graphics changing that much from low to high.
Honestly I think the graphics are pretty good. Now as a still photo you don't see it as well, but the effects and the subtlety is immense. The shadowing and the cloth effects are so smooth and beautiful. Look around in the game and you will be amazed how many cloth background items actually have fluidity when attacking near by them.

Sure just the poly count is a bit lower than what youd expect form a 2012 game but they more than make up for it with an an entire assortment of high-quality effects, physics items, lighting and sound.

Play this game for more than 10 min and you will completely forget about this one drawback.

Its all a trade off in the end. Im sure Blizzard made the decision to support a majority of players rather than exclude them and honestly, when Im playing this D3 co-op in a month or two. I would prefer to play with friends enjoying the beautiful lower-poly game rather than ones complaining about poor framerates.

[Sure my top of the line gaming PC is great for singleplayer games, but my PC wont fix my friends sub-standard systems when we are playing together... ]

You're welcome.

That does not to much at all. The game without those filters is actually better. Because those filters actually change the colour balance of the game.
04/22/2012 12:19 PMPosted by Kaiori - Worth watching.

This is a very interesting watch, thanks :)
04/22/2012 11:35 AMPosted by Mephisto
let's be completely honest aren't as good as many of us though they would be

Have to agree that the game looks great, save for some texture issues. They all seem muddy and low rez; my guess is that they shrunk the textures for the beta so the download times would't be so long. Of course, I could be wrong, but if this is the case they should simply have an option for it in the graphics menu; high rez textures/low rez. The only hit to people with crappy computers would be in the game's required disk space which would only increase by a gig or two. Seems like an easy fix to me - release high rez textures with the D3 release, or release them in a texture pack like Bethesda did with Skyrim.
that cartoony, smooth texture graphics... its good but not outstanding. its like a safe standard for casual gamers. who knows what it would have been like if Blizzard pushed the graphics in another direction.
We're not particularly interested in pushing graphical limits with Blizzard games. Our intent is always to provide a timeless stylized aesthetic, while allowing for a broad range of machines to view the game with similar results. The art style for Diablo III is specifically intended to appear as a moving painting, which in general avoids very crisp textures or hard lines.

More importantly though we specifically separate background from foreground by using by using a visually unobtrusive canvas and sharper and more saturated enemies and spell effects in the foreground to elevate the gameplay. We actually specifically call it the 'canvas' because the foreground and midground elements and action are painted on top. With the screen full of enemies, spell effects, minions, and players you don't want a busy background, because it actually detracts from the ability to quickly and easily make important skilled choices during combat. Being able to quickly and effortlessly read what's going on is more important than almost everything else, because if you can't do that then the depth of a combat system is being thwarted by the visual bells and whistles.

It's more important for us to serve the gameplay as well as design a timeless game. "Realism" in games is really only as real as the next version of DirectX or video card product cycle. By approaching with a stylized and painterly approach, we intend for Diablo III to be playable and visually appealing for as long as possible.

(Shaky-cam shots are from Christian Lichtner's (Art Director on Diablo III) talk at GDC 2012.)
I am thankful for the graphics not being very high grade, because I can run this game with a 1.86 duo processor with a Radeon HD 4600 graphics card which isn't even on the supported list of video cards. Thanks!

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