Which class will you play at launch?

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Which class will you play at launch?
Poll ended on Apr 24, 2012
Demon Hunter. I Like the style.
I'd love to see this same poll... but for those intending to play Hardcore.
wer all muh witch dox at yo

EDIT: Oh wow Witch Doctor is actually winning O_o
EDIT 2: Not anymore :S
After open beta, i changed from a DH to wizard
DH babay
Wizard...i always liked the wizard in every RPG game. But this one..hmm..doesnt seem to flow so well at least at such low levels..
Monk! I've decided to stick with him even though I keep reading about speculation that he will have shortcomings. Hopefully it pays off later in hell/inferno :)
Monk/Barb/Wizard first.

Probably Monk.
Barb solo
Wizz whit my friends.

i will start whit wizz if i cna play whit my friends at start, else barb :)

(voted wizz cuz they are awesome!)
In descending order, Demon Hunter, Monk, Barbarian, Wizard, Witch Doctor.

But I love all my babies.
Barbarian = Flying guillotine

BTW....What did you pick Bash?
Well at first i thought i was gonna play wizard for sure, but after trying the Monk, i think i'm sold. So much fun!
Monk it up baby.

Edit: Surprised Wiz is low at the moment... seems like the easiest class to farm with (based on my experience).
YES! Only a few barbarians to rule the Sanctuary.
DH or Barb, whichever has the least votes :P

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