Is Diablo 3 sprite-based?

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The reason why Diablo 2 have no graphical mods (besides high res which only zooms it out and only makes it worse) is because it's sprite-based, if you wanted to improve it you'd have to redraw every character as well as every armor + monsters, etc etc.
Now will Diablo 3 be the same? Or are we finally going to see a bunch of mods?
I mean, look at Bethesda, they release an average game (Skyrim) which is only fun because there is an army of modders helping it become better.
It's "2.5D", as in 3d models with fixed isometric angles, meant to reduce overall polygon count.

And if you read the TOS, Blizzard seems pretty hard against any mods. This isn't Skyrim.
Diablo 3 is in 3D - it's just that your view is locked.

By itself, this would mean that D3 is more moddable, but the server-client architecture and other security measures in the game aside from the 3D engine shoot that all down.
Blizzard tends to come down fairly harshly on any type of visual modding.

In my personal experience, I remember in WoW where people were modifying their armor and even environmental pieces so they could gain unfair advantages in PvP and dungeons. Even though it was client-side, it created a lot of problems for everyone involved in the current battleground/dungeon.

In the same vein, I don't see them allowing such modifications or visual changes in Diablo III.

I also want to add that personally, I think the artists and- and- those people who render and all that stuff, have done a fantastic job visually and I'm pleased with the overall 'feel' and look. This game is what it is, the Heroes are who they have been crafted to be. If it's not to someone's taste, that's fine; just move along and try another game.

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