Way of the Unfallen Blossom


Masters of the Unfallen Blossom are elusive combatants, capable of dodging and denying enemy blows. Their attacks are swift and precise, rendering enemies impotent by draining away their strength and speed. To battle a Master of the Unfallen Blossom is to battle a ghost, or the wind itself.

Curious to know what you guys think of this build. I've seen a lot of "pure dodge" builds lately, most of which utilize Mantra of Evasion and Backlash to punish enemies who fail to land attacks. I like doge-builds a lot, but I'm not totally convinced that going "whole hog" is the best option (for me, anyway). I determined that I'd probably have a lot more fun if I dropped some of the dodge potential in favor of damage resistance, enemy debuffs, and health regeneration.

Fists of Thunder (with Lightning Flash) and Crippling Wave (with Concussion) are intended to be used together to maintain a constant +16% dodge bonus along with -30% enemy movement speed, -20% enemy attack speed, and -20% enemy damage penalties (not to mention the additional 25% enemy damage penalty from Resolve).

Blinding Flash is meant to supplement the Monk's survivability against enemy clusters, which is essentially what this build is meant to deal with, because Cyclone Strike (with Eye of the Storm) is its bread and butter. With Cyclone Strike, I can constantly damage enemies while drawing them near to me. Breath of Heaven not only acts as a means to recover health, but with Infused With Light, it also acts as a buff to Spirit generation.

I feel fairly confident that I'll be able to spam Cyclone Strikes with this build, while maintaining the buffs/debuffs from Fists of Thunder and Crippling Wave. Even though it lacks Mantra of Evasion and Backlash, it has constant health regen and damage resistance from Mantra of Healing.

Anyway, curious to hear what you guys think of it.

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