Rocket build

Demon Hunter!hgT!YbaZaZ

Any clue as if this would be a decent build... definitely going to test it out though!
I would say you need a slow, 25% stun is your only defensive skill. I would trade cluster arrow of caltrops to start with. Or replace cluster with vault.

No dependable slows or escapes can lead to getting pinned down by large groups.
Both Rapid Fire and Cluster Arrow are quite hatred-heavy skills, especially Cluster Arrow, even with the passive. In order to comfortably supplement both, you probably should get tinkerer for your Grenades.
Drop Sharpshooter for Archery or Steady Aim. Damage is MUCH better.

You need some good defensive abilities. I would recommend at dropping Shadow Power for Caltrops/Vault/Smoke Screen. Possibly Marked for Death to pick up another one of those 3 as well. I don't like it as an AoE spell. The area is immobile and really 12% isnt going to make much of a difference against large mobs of enemies that are probably dying quickly anyways.

Like Atonement said, I would put Tinkerer on Grenades.

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