Never stop build

Demon Hunter
Almost never stop firing!!!!!bfX!abYaZZ

Shadow power for the defensive?... depends on what the cooldown is for that to be efficient or not.

Mostly pvp build
If it's gonna be a PvP build, you'll need more utility than that.
I can't think of a proper PvP build without Vault/Evasive Fire
I think your build doesn't make the grade. The fact that you have to fire from a fixed position while using RF makes it a bit suspect as a pvp skill. Additionally, not having vault or smokescreen for defense, and not having a passive that grants you an increased chance to crit (e.g., archery with hxbows, or sharpshooter) just makes this build fall short when it comes to pvp.
No AoE in this build so it definitely is made just for pvp.

On that note it is way too reliant on discipline for the wrong reasons. Prep w/ Punishment is not a pvp oriented spell. You need to be spamming disc spells to keep your @ss out the way of the enemy not to regenerate hatred. Caltrops, Smoke Screen, and Vault -none of which are in this build- are staples for pvp. Your build, conversely, is completely focused on generating hatred even though you have the most efficient spender in the game in Rapid Fire. The enemy is going to catch you and you are going to be dead with this build. No way to keep yourself out of trouble. PVP is about burst and CC not sustainability.
Okay, this build is boss support fire
Still would want to go for something more damaging than Rapid Fire with Withering Fire. Even Hungering Arrow does better damage than that. Either put Bombardment on it for some decent damage or get some crit and go with Impale/Grievous Wounds. If all you're going to do is add fire support, you want to be doing maximum damage.

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